Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Natural Black & White

It was not a feeling of delightful enthusiasm that shot through me when Findlay bounced into my room at 6:48am (yes 6:48 exactly) demanding a trip to Marbury Park.  After feigning sleep for 3 minutes and hoping his dad would respond, there was nothing to do but admit defeat. And I am so glad I did.

Due to the early hour, fog and mist, we got to see one of our favourite haunts in glorious shades of black and white.

The Mallards drifted in and out of the mist.

Evening with the limited light, the perfectly flat water produced some stunning reflections and mirror images.

Sunken logs took on eerie personalities as we walked along the lakeside. I saw witches fingers, whilst Findlay saw a face watching us stroll by,

A few touches of colour started to creep in as it was time to leave.

A beautiful start to the day.
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  1. these are beautiful, almost magical scenes.

    nice to 'meet' you, findlay's mom! :) you must be very proud of him and his article in cheshire life. 'met' him in blogland through andrew. :)

  2. I spend a great number of days in this light and fog. It sure makes for fun photography. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. I agree with Tex, beautiful, magical these are. Love your composition with the fog, Heather!! Glad to have you and Findlay as part of our blogging world! Have a great week!

  4. Hi , it is nice to meet Findlay's mom. I have been enjoying his blog and birding reports. Great post and thanks for sharing your world.

  5. Beutiful photos. There is something special with a foggy morning. :) Oh, is the young birder your son? What a treasure you have.

  6. Fog is always like 'clouds on foot'. Miss alike much. Thank you for these great pictures. Please have a good Tuesday.

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