Thursday, 25 October 2012

Hungarian Vizsla

With the boys away at Grandma's for half term, I have had chance to play with my new camera.  I had a slightly unwilling subject as you may notice from his expression.

This is Jura, our much loved hound.  He will probably pop up many times in my blog. These pictures were taken in the evening with an auto flash, so all criticism welcome - I'm here to learn afterall.

I know the background could for with changing for a start, but the hound refused to move more the 4ft from the fire - can't say I blame him.

So there we go, my first shoot with a live "model"! Improvement suggestions welcomed, no matter how harsh (I have thick Yorkshire skin)!


  1. he's beautiful! i like vizslas. so smart and very people-oriented. wonderful and high-energy pups!

  2. What a beautiful subject for your photo shoot Heather... you can't go wrong.