Monday, 18 February 2013

A Very Pheasant Afternoon

Go shoot a peasant, or was that photograph a pheasant! I went for option two...

For me a real lovable clown of the bird world. 

I know that you know that I know I'm watching you.

Perfect pose.

Welcome back anytime.


  1. just beautiful, heather! wish i'd see them here but they're very rare.

    you did a great job organizing findlay's surprise!

    1. It was just so lovely to meet everyone. Summer BBQ next if you can book a flight over :)

  2. They are beautiful birds! They were common in my home state of Michigan. I haven't seen any here in Kentucky.

  3. Pretty bird! I'm glad you took the second option. :)

    Happy Tuesday. ☺

  4. Great series of a handsome fellow. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. Great shots Heather. A beautiful bird. Such a shame some people get enjoyment from slaughtering them.

  6. That's a rare thing to sight around here. Pretty birds.

  7. I agree with your comments. They do look a little comical as they roll along.

  8. Option 2 is the best way, you can tweek your photos if they are a bit wrong. Option 1 is death. great photos.


  9. Beautiful bird and I'd rather see one photographed than shot!

  10. They are beautiful birds, especially the male. Wonderful photos.

  11. Love the masked look of the face in the first shot!
    I always think they look regal.
    Indeed, a nice series of shots!

  12. What a handsome guy!

  13. We used to see them often in Oregon (pre digital camera days) of course I never do....thanks for the memories...beautiful pictures.

  14. Nice pictures of possibly the stupidest bird in the English countryside!

    I see a young man had a good birthday and took some great shots!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  15. Heather, I didn't know you were doing a blog until I saw the link over on Keith's blog, so here I am!

    Great shots of the Pheasant, you chose the best option!! You got him looking so regal and aloof in that last shot...[;o)

    Thanks again for inviting us to Findlay's birthday surprise, it was a pleasure meeting you all, an excellent and very enjoyable day.

  16. A wonderful image of a beautiful bird!
    I well remember the first pheasant I ever saw. Almost stepped on him in a wheat field - almost had a heart attack when all those colored feathers flew up in my face!

    Nice post!

  17. Such a beautiful bird. I would never in the world have thought you meant anything else but "photograph" by the word shoot, even if you hadn't qualified it. Great pictures... and he is q bit of a ham for sure. But he has every right to be proud of his gorgeous self!